“Every gemstone has a secret that can only be revealed in the careful process of cutting, carving and polishing. Each of these steps requires special skill and attention which makes the work a challenging process.”

“The process begins by carefully selecting the rough material and doing a thorough search for fractures and impurities in the stone”.

“After the initial cutting stage, the stone is re-inspected for further inclusions that could adversely affect the design”

“Nature is one Sylvia’s main sources of inspiration.”.

“The gemstones are carefully given form by our gemstones masters”.

“The creation of our designs requires patience and good drawing skills”.

“Diamond tools are optimal in the process of engraving.”

“Our polishing is done with the traditional technique of using wood sticks and polishing paste”.


At QAS Switzerland, we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and customers.
We have built a relationship with our suppliers over the past forty years, something which has given us the pleasure of interacting with people from different cultures and granted us access to rare and unusual gemstones from all over the world. In addition, the relationship we have with our customers means we can understand their tastes which we can learn from and develop our work accordingly.


Once we decide to work with a specific gemstone, a design is drawn, the stone is pre-cut and then the different steps of grinding, carving and polishing take place. Special masters with many years of experience perform each of these steps.