People have often ask me which is my favourite gemstone, a question I find very challenging to answer since each one of them speaks to me in a unique way. However, I must confess that, of all the gemstones, I have a special bond with Jade. I am captivated with its beauty, character, and the significance it has in Asian cultures. Jade’s uniqueness gravitates around the fact that once you hold it in your hand, you begin to fall in love with it.
Every Jade finds its owner”

The QAS Switzerland story began in 1968 in Lima, Peru. Here Sylvia’s parents, Norka & Vicente, founded NeoArtPeru, a company dedicated to the creation of objets d’art made out of unusual gemstones from around the world. Sylvia’s early exposure to the shapes, colours, and beauty of these gemstones triggered an intense curiosity for them. Hence, after many years of learning how to work with gemstones in her parents atelier, Sylvia relocated to Germany, where she further developed and mastered the complex techniques required to achieve excellence in this art form.

In 2006, after thorough preparation and careful planning took place, QAS Switzerland was founded by the Canton of Zug Switzerland to bring Sylvia’s artistic vision to life.

Sylvia’s passion for gemstones has sent her on a quest all over the world to find the most beautiful and unique gems mother nature has to offer.

QAS Switzerland is a company dedicated to the commercialization and lapidary of gemstones, with services provided in design, consulting and appraisal.

QAS Switzerland produces a limited amount of three gemstone collections per year which are inspired, among other things, by the moods, shapes, and colours of the season.

QAS Switzerland collections have a worldwide clientele and can be seen in a variety of places such as Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Germany, United States, Hong Kong and China.